Daniel N. Flanagan Writing

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Daniel N. Flanagan is a short-story writer and poet. His debut poetry collection Stale Angst was published by mgv2>publishing in 2014. His sophomore publication Black, was translated to Greek and published by Strange Days Books in 2015.


Flanagan is the author nine short stories. "Daddy's Girl" in The Commonline Journal and Black Market Lit, "Bathroom Tale: 2" in Danse Macabre du Jour, "Red Sauce & Vicodin" & "Once Upon A Worcester Winter" in The Round Up Writer's Zine, "To Paul, With Love" in Yellow Mama and A For Abnormal, "Flower Watching" in Eskimo Pie, "Dylan; & The Hooker Formerly Known As Tiffany" in Beyond Imagination, "It's Kind of a Love Story" in On The Rusk and "Life Isn't Real" in Voluted Tales.

He has a total of thirty-three poetry publications in the following journals;  Stone Path Review, Poppy Road Review, Red Dashboard LLC, Edgar Allen Poet, mgv2>publishing, Aberration Labyrinth, Three Line Poetry, Page & Spine, The Stray Branch, The Camel Saloon, Pyrokinection, 50-Word Stories, The Blind Vigil Revue, Leaves of Ink, Dead Snakes, Writers Haven and The Onyx.


His writing style errs on the side of experimental and surrealist, while keeping room for dark humor throughout. It centers around women, substance abuse and mental illness; often taking place in MA

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