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Mental Illness

Posted on May 17, 2014 at 5:15 PM

Mental Illness


I love the idea of


The author.

I’ve only read half of

The Bell Jar, but yet

I love Sylvia Plath.

The more you read of someone

The less you can romanticize about them

Except for Bud Light & Bukowski,

I’d rather keep their words inked to page.


An editor said,

“It would be more interesting to read about the

Origin of, not the present state of,

Suicidal depression.”


I’d like to understand the root of it


But until you pick apart and

Buy my beauties from me,

I can not fund such analysis.


How narcissistic is mental illness…

Hours of therapy, premium drugs, and

Thousands to find out 

How badly Mother & Father

Damaged you. While there are

Beaten prostitutes, like my sister Desiree.

Single alcoholic mothers, like my sister Marie.


And it’s amazing what the mind is capable of

How much it will repress.

Freud said our conscious mind is like the

Tip of an iceberg. While the subconscious mind is

The other 80%, buried deep down

And it is the forgotten memories which haunt,

Causing anxiety daily, without you knowing.

And that’s what my family is.

Knowing your own sister sucks dick, gets beaten by pimps in order to

Smoke crack &

Shoot dope in order to

Escape her own life, disables mine

Subconsciously. Thousands I must spend on my

Pompous mind just to feel real, while there are

Starving children and

Pretty girls on tv telling me

I should donate to save the crying animals as well,

Well, 10/10 I will choose me because

I cannot control the kittens or the whores

My family is blood but the river steadily streams,


Hopefully I can fix me before I



Originally published by Pyrokinection on 02/03/14.


Republished by Red Dashboard LLC on 05/17/14. (Available for print purchase.) 

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