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Posted on February 4, 2014 at 12:55 AM


& I was watching youtube videos by RawSammi

& She was boring me and so

I envisioned my own world

I first thought , how nice it would be

If I had the disposable income to

Tear my house apart, everytime mania hit

Throw lamps threw walls and tv’s out windows.

And then a second thought invaded me

Flooded through me, How lucky I was!

I envisioned what my 1st hospital stay would be like,

One of the mental nature. I have

Romanticized this deeply. Damn you, Vizzini and the likes

I would be wearing dress shirt and tie

As to look more sane than the (in)sane, yes!

To prove them wrong and, mania hit and, I wanted not

To be trapped in there anymore, I shouted

“I’m a grown man! Let me out” to no avail

They rushed me with anvils in hand

I fought them ferociously, verociously, my mind made things up then

I was a fighter then

Punching the black man in the face. I had never punched a

Man before. I awoke later in a bed

Strapped. My panic returned.

It was 9 days later that my release was

Finalized and here I sit

Steady type type typing as the bats steady

Rap rap rap, rip apart my brain matter, as I

Take scissor to bracelet. Dive down and

Slice wrist

Bleeding this to you.



Originally published by Pyrokinection on 02/03/14.


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Reply Benny
9:31 PM on February 7, 2014 
Thank you for posting this poem. I can relate to this sort of struggle, perhaps; this poem seems intense in a very good way and gave me pause, helped me reflect, etc. Cheers & keep writing.
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