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Posted on October 10, 2013 at 11:40 PM



Write her


Maybe that means I am a true contemporary writer

For if I do not

Write her

I feel burdened

Feel guilty for not doing so,

Doing her

I cannot scorn another woman who offers love

And so my love interest in writing is karma ridden

For I desire her strongly, seek her

Need her, be inspired and treat her well

She never repays me, never relaxes me, never satisfies me

Financially, sexually, intellectually

Damn you, writing

But if Slim did it

Shady, id and ego all

Perhaps my background will drive me

Perhaps my Kim will return with the fame.

What I wouldn’t give for one unlucky dame to call mine.

For the fights fuel me,

So I provoke them, stroke her, she strokes me,

I strike her

Now I finally have something to write.

She wipes the blood off her lips and runs to the fridge to grab me a Budweiser,

She has been trained well.

It’s time for a new one,

She is growing stale, pale because she is too afraid to leave this motel room.

So I kick her out, she falls again,

Don’t worry, no one sees.

She will float out to seas.

Bliss, I will cherish the miss

Kiss kiss, goodbye bliss.


www.AberrationLabyrinth.blogspot.com/ (Issue #008)

Originally published by Aberration Labyrinth on 10/10/13

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